Audit (HS3)

Health and Safety

Course Code HS 3 Unit Standard 120333 Course Title Conduct Safety and/or audit inspections
ETQA   – Level   2 Credits 3
Duration 2 days Delivery Method Notional Hours:- 9 hours Theory and 21 hours Workplace assignment ortfolio.


As per Booking form Includes Learner Workbooks, pens, practicals, assessment, Certificate (on successful completion)
Intended for Safety Officers, appointed SHE Representatives and as part of a qualification. This unit standard has been designed as part of a progression. It is one of a series of unit standards for safety, health and environmental protection.


Persons credited with this unit standard will be able to perform, initiate remedial action, report on and follow up a workplace pre-use, safety and/or audit inspection. The learner will also be able to explain the legal and specified requirements pertaining to conducting these inspections.



The course covers assessment in accordance with specified requirements and consequences to health and safety.  Specified requirements include current legal and site-specific requirements and are contained in one or more of the following documents:

Site-specific:                                                                                                       Legal:
·  Health and safety agreements                                                                           ·  Mine Health and Safety Act

·  Codes of practice                                                                                             ·  Occupational Health and Safety Act

·  Standards                                                                                                        ·  Chief Inspector of Mines’ Directives

·  Standards task procedures

·  Risk Assessments procedures

·  Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management Programme

·  Managerial Instructions

·  Mine Standard Procedures

·  List of Recorded OH&S Risks

·  Working Guides / Permits


·  Equipment and Materials Specifications



Explain the legal and specified requirements pertaining to conducting, reporting and acting on the outcome of a pre-use, safety and/or audit inspection.

Prepare for the inspections.

Conduct pre-use, safety and audit inspections.

Initiate immediate remedial action where necessary

Report on and follow up on inspection results