Dangerous Goods (HS10)

Health and Safety



Course Code HS 10 Unit Standard 123259 Course Title Convey dangerous goods by road (Hazard identification & Hazard Awareness)
ETQA   – Level   3 Credits 4
Duration  2 Days (1 Day for Refresher) Delivery Method Notional Hours:- 12 hours Theory and 28 hours Assignment Portfolio


Per the booking Form Includes Learner Workbooks, pens, practicals, assessment, Certificate (on successful completion)
Intended for All vehicle Drivers driving vehicles Code 14 and above with PDP Licence

(To be renewed annually)


Purpose:  Loading, conveying and off-loading Hazardous Goods, as well as handle incidents in accordance with Legal Specifications and Operational Procedures.


Legal concepts including Consignee; Consignor; Operator; Qualified Person.

Hazchem decals/warning panels, (including Warning panel; Danger Warning Diamond; Tremcard; Dangerous Goods Declaration) specific to the substance loaded on the vehicle, are correctly positioned on the vehicle

All statutory documents in terms of Regulation 281 of Chapter 8 and designated spaces.

Safety and standard operating procedures during loading and off-loading, the learner’s appointment as a qualified person as per Reg. 277 (2) & (3).

Extracting information from relevant sources and utilising tis info to ensure safe handling of classified goods and substances (as defined per SABS 0228), during loading and off-loading.

Duties of the driver before proceeding on route, in terms of SABS 0231.

Standard Operating Procedures (relating to the class of substance/goods and related equipment) to prepare the vehicle for loading and off-loading.

Personal Protective equipment, suitable to the class of substance, during loading and off-loading and/or in the event of an incident

Safety equipment and procedures suitable to the class of substance, during loading and off-loading.

The nine hazard classes and the properties of the class of substance transported are explained.

The concept of compatibility

Extracting information from the tremcard or other relevant source/s to implement the appropriate response in the event of an incident.

The correct fire extinguish-equipment in the event of an incident

Incident reporting according to the requirements of SABS 0231.

Driving style in order to maintain load quality and avoid incidents during transportation.

Duties on route in terms of SABS 0231

The qualifying learner is capable of:

·         Complying with relevant legal documentation requirements.

·         Applying safety and standard operating procedures during loading and off-loading.  Applying safety procedures in the event of an incident.

·         Complying with the requirements of SABS 0231 in terms of behaviour on route